28 ноября –
2 декабря
МКЗ «Зарядье», парк «Зарядье»
Деловая программа
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Джей Айшак
Malaysian Official Designers' Association (MODA), Президент

Jay Ishak is a seasoned event professional with over 2 decades of global experience. Recognised for her finesse in curating high-profile fashion shows that showcase Malaysian talent during New York and London Fashion Week, Jay brings a pragmatic and insightful touch to her role as MODA President. With an inclusive leadership style, she fosters collaboration, encourages innovation, and passionately advocates for the fashion design industry. Under her strategic guidance, MODA members navigate a landscape of growth opportunities in this ever-evolving field. Jay's resourcefulness and commitment to uplifting industry professionals are evident in her impactful leadership.