28 ноября –
2 декабря
МКЗ «Зарядье», парк «Зарядье»
Деловая программа
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Шарма Айшвария
Fort Fashion Council, Советник по устойчивому развитию

Aishwarya Sharma is recognised as India's first fashion activist, Global Goals Ambassador & Sustainability Advocate. She represents Goal 5: Gender Equality & Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities with Togetherband & United Nations and host a following of 358,000 people and more with global readers from all parts of the world and contribute daily to numerous NGOs and organizations in India and abroad including Embrace Relief, Water Aid, Gucci Equilibrium, SAA, Mercedes Benz Sustainability, WaterAid, Chanvv Foundation, MG Motors, Tencel, MAC Foundation and more. She has recently been appointed as PUMA's Global Voice of Re: Generation and represents Global South. She is the sustainability Advisor at Fort Fashion Council headquartered in UAE.